About Hagave

Hagave Spiced Nectar is a premium, non-alcoholic spicy mixer using all natural ingredients. Hagave's blend of fiery jalapeno and capsicum flavors is delicately balanced with tropical floral notes from the ripe orange and the perfect sweetness from the organic Mexican agave nectar, to create the perfect spicy margarita, spicy ranch water, spicy lemonade and more...

How Hagave Was Born

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Kaz and Sal, Hagave channels the founders' love of spicy with a goal to standardize a premium mixer for bars and at home cocktails.
Meticulously developed using Sal's 15+ years of expertise in the hospitality industry alongside packaging and flavor experts, Hagave's unique blend was born in 2021, helping you to make the ultimate spicy drink every time.

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